Welcome to the world of

Welcome to the world of

Weird Wackos is a collectible NFT PFP project consisting of 9999 abnormal, absurd, amusing, bizarre, clownish, comic, cranky, crazy, eccentric, fantastic, far, freakish, funny, goofy, idiosyncratic, insane, nonsensical, nutty, odd, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar, quirky, ridiculous, silly, strange, surreal, unconventional, unusual, wacky, and weird characters roaming around the Polygon Blockchain.


Weird Wackos are made up of 20 characters and each of them have both common and unique traits including clothes, expressions, accessories, and more.

Public Mint

The public mint is now over!
We are sold out
Visit Opensea to Buy a Weird Wacko


The total supply is 9999

The only place to access the public mint will be our official website. Secondary sale would be available at Opensea

The Mint is FREE just pay the GAS.

Each wallet can Mint upto a maximum of 2 Weird Wackos / transaction.

The public sale will begin on the 8th of July 2022 @11:30am UTC.
Follow us on Twitter for further details. Twitter

We are available on Twitter. Twitter
Discord will be launched Post-Mint and would be Private (only Holders).

We certainly do, the Roadmap would be gradually released to the community Post-Mint.